STEM Education Progress at STEMCON 2023: Indonesia & US

STEM Education Progress at STEMCON 2023: Indonesia & US

USAID and ASU put together the STEM Education Progress at STEMCON. This year’s meeting was called “Developing the STEM Workforce through U.S. and Indonesia Public-Private Partnerships.” Leaders from business, government, and colleges got together to talk about how to teach Indonesian students math, science, technology, engineering, and the arts (STEM).

STEM Education Progress at STEMCON 2023: Need Help for a Long Time

STEM Education Progress at STEMCON 2023: Indonesia & US

Jeff Cohen, who is in charge of USAID’s task force in Indonesia, said that the US has always supported higher education in that country. The goal of the conference was to improve the STEM workforce in Indonesia by getting the government, private companies, and schools from both Indonesia and the US to work together. We want to teach the country how to deal with problems that touch both its own people and people all over the world.

STEM Education Progress at STEMCON 2023: How to get people who think about the future to work together faster

At the meeting, schools and businesses from the US and Indonesia were able to work together faster. The main purpose was to talk about ways to assist Indonesia in its major objective of improving the quality of its scientists and tech workers. Some very important people from both the US and Indonesia talked about how important it is to find new and creative ways to work together to fill STEM skills gaps.

How schools can help people who work in STEM fields get better

For the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Kevin Marbun is in charge of quality assurance. He talked about how important colleges are for teaching the next group of people who will work in STEM fields. The event was made possible by USAID, Arizona State University, and the USAID HEPI project. They were praised for their hard work. Marbun praised the work they did to get people in STEM fields to work together. It is to share information, and come up with new ideas.

STEM Education Progress at STEMCON 2023: USAID and ASU work together on the HEPI program, which is for higher education.

The Higher Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI) from USAID and ASU is all about making connections. And it is making paths in STEM fields. This program links sixteen universities in the US to three hubs of universities in Indonesia and ten business partners. The goal is to fix problems with STEM education, make lessons and training better, and make sure that enough graduates are ready to work.

What HEPI Does by Jeffrey S. Goss

ASU’s Associate Vice Provost, Jeffrey S. Goss, talked about the HEPI program, which helps people from Indonesia go to college. Businesses and schools want to work together because of this, which gives students in STEM fields real-world experience. STEMCON is a key part of the HEPI program. Because it brings together people who work in STEM fields at colleges. People can share their thoughts, meet new people, and make connections that will help change STEM education in the future.

Last but not least, the US and Indonesia are moving forward with their plan to improve STEM education in fun and new ways. The STEMCON 2023 event is a big step forward for shaping Indonesia’s future population and meeting the world’s changing needs.