Pele: A Special Tribute at Christ the Redeemer

Pele: A Special Tribute at Christ the Redeemer

Pele Imagine a giant statue high up on a mountain in Brazil, lit up like a bright star. That’s Christ the Redeemer, and something magical happened recently – it wore a special shirt to honor a soccer legend!

Pele: A Soccer Great

Let’s talk about this soccer legend named Pele. He was like the superhero of soccer, scoring goals and making people cheer all over the world. But sadly, he passed away a year ago because of something called colon cancer. He was 82 years old.

Pele: A Special Tribute at Christ the Redeemer

Pele : Christ the Redeemer’s Unique Outfit

Guess what? On the anniversary of Pele’s passing, Christ the Redeemer wore something special – a shirt with Pele’s name and the number 10, just like the superhero jersey he used to wear on the soccer field.

Pele : A Message from Pope Francis

Even the Pope, who is like the leader of a big group called Catholics, sent a special message. He said that Pele’s, whose real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, was a great athlete who showed all the good things about playing sports.

The King of Soccer Lives On

The Pope also mentioned that Pele’s, often called the “King of Soccer,” left a lasting memory in the hearts of many people. He inspired new generations to play sports and work together as a team.

Celebrations at Museu Pelé

Now, imagine a place called Museu Pelé in a city called Santos. It’s like a museum that celebrates all the amazing things Pele did for his soccer team in that city. People gathered there to remember him in a special way.

A Place Called Tres Corações

Pele’s was born in a small city called Tres Corações in 1940. On the anniversary of his death, people in this little town held religious ceremonies to honor the great man who brought so much joy to the world.

What is Colon Cancer?

Some might wonder, what is colon cancer? Well, it’s a sickness that can affect people when they get older. It’s important to take care of our bodies, eat healthy food, and see the doctor when we don’t feel well.

Pele, the Devout Catholic

Did you know that Pele was a devout Catholic? That means he believed in God and had a strong connection to his faith. He even had special ceremonies to celebrate his love for God.

Strengthening Unity Through Sport

The Pope said something cool – that playing sports can bring people together. Just like how Pele made friends all over the world through soccer, we can also make friends and have fun playing games.

Remembering Pele with Joy

In the end, the special tribute to Pele at Christ the Redeemer and the celebrations in Santos and Tres Corações remind us to remember special people with joy. Let’s celebrate their lives and the happiness they brought to us, just like Pele did with his amazing soccer skills.